Alexander Ivarsson

Alexander Ivarsson Quartet

Alexander Ivarsson Quartet is a burst of energy, creativity and musicality. The group of musicians has a phenomenal interplay which keeps the music interesting at all times. 

Clarinet/Voice – Alexander Ivarsson
Piano – Max Agnas
Bass – Arvid Jullander
Drums – Jonas Bäckman

The Jazzcats

Swinging like there’s no tomorrow! The Jazzcats gathers inspiration from the golden era of swing, idolizing legends like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerlald amongst others. The setting of the band is quite unique with clarinet, violin and trombone acting as one section. It becomes a special woodwind section with some extra spice from the violin. A perfect band for your Gatsby themed party, weddings and other events!

Clarinet/Vocals – Alexander Ivarsson
Violin – Terese Lien Evenstad
Trombone – Agnes Darelid
Guitar –  Alf Carlsson
Bass – Samuel Löfdahl
Drums – Oskar Mattsson

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New Scandinavian Roots

New Scandinaian Roots creates a bridge between traditional jazz and contemporary music. The sound of the group is greatly characterized by the mix of the clarinet and the trumpet. A scandinavian sentimentality with fresh breezes from other cultures and continents. The music is composed by the pianist and mastermind Jonny Ek.

Clarinet – Alexander Ivarsson
Trumpet – Jonathan Stribrny
Piano – Jonny Ek
Bass – Arvid Jullander
Drums – Jonathan Leidecker

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ByEar Productions

Music production from idea to finished master. Alexander composes music in a way that keeps the customer involved in the process, making sure that the end result always matches the expectations of the customer. Due to a huge network of brilliant musicians, the musicians involved in the recording are always top of the line, whether it’s classical piano or rock drums. 

This is the result of a cooperation with “Education First”, music written and played by Alexander Ivarsson and fellow musicians.

Lovisa Jennervall Wind Ensemble

Playing the alto saxophone in this beautiful ensemble of horns and vocals. A very special concept based on the open, breathing and living sound of just vocals and wind instruments. Both original music and arrangements by vocalist Lovisa Jennervall. For more information and bookings, please visit

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Stockholm Jazz Strings

Alexander has the honor of being the composer and arranger for the great string quartet Stockholm Jazz Strings. Consisting of half classical musicians and half jazz musicians, the quartet exists in a coherence between the two genres. For more information and bookings, please visit

Karl Wallmyr Kvintett

Alexander is playing clarinet on this wonderful album of Karl Wallmyr. A mix of composed and completely improvised music.

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